Gettin’ to it!

I need better SEO titles, yikes on bikes!

Exciting shit is happening. Wooooohooooo! I’ve finally decided that I’m uncomfortable! That’s been my biggest problem these last few years. I’ve been waaaaayyyy too comfortable. My homie has BEEEEEENNNN telling me this. I’ve been sulking about all of the shit that want but have been putting a half ass effort towards getting. Couldn’t figure out why I’ve been so stagnant. He said “I know why. You’re too comfortable.” He’s told me this for like months now and I’ve just been like, “uh…whatever.” and you know why? Because I WAS comfortable. There’s a saying, “go with the devil you know.” It’s safe BUT that shit keeps you complacent! I’ve been “moving” to New York for that past 2 freaking years! The biggest issue was my budget for rent…then I realized that I need to increase my budget…and that’s when I had my “a-ha” moment! I’ve been too comfortable! I need to get off my ass and make moves!

Anyway, Friday, I made a BIG decision. I’m excited about it, super excited! I am ready to go on an adventure! It’s going to be uncomfortable as hell at first but I have a big feeling that it’s going to be worth it!…and even if shit gets a little shitty, I’ll remind myself that staying stagnant is worse than failing, because bitch, at least you tried! Stay tuned!! I’m ’bout to get jiggy with it!

Anywho, my homie Mz She Did It Again just dropped her project – Good Vibes Dope Energy Vol, 1. It’s a bomb ass mixtape of dope ass Affirmation music. One of my favorite tracks is “I Can, I Will”. As someone who’s a procrastinator AND quick to make a mountain out of molehill, this is my “Don’t speak about it, Be about it” music! Sidenote – I literally just said that to my boss in our one on one! Bahhhhhhh!!!


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