Hello, hello, hello!

So… it’s been a minute…consistency is my BIGGEST problem and if you’re reading this, you never talk to me so it’s like…I’m talking to my imagination this week…anyway…

Transparency moment… that club I went to intimidated that fuck out of me to the point where I was all like “Chicago ain’t tryna hear MY humor but I’m going to make it work!”…and then I went into “pussy mode” and haven’t been to an open mic since. Yikes on bikes. It’s dope to say shit in theory, but to live that shit in real life, it takes balls…balls that I’ve been lacking in real life.

I feel like I have an “intelligent humor” situation going on. Like…listen to my words. I don’t have to run around the stage, hump stools, shake titties, or say “my pussy” or “I like dick” every 30 seconds. I will never be that bitch. Mind you, I had some very well thought-out, intelligent sex jokes and niggas turned into prudes instantly. They treated me like Charlie Brown’s teacher. “Womp, womp..womp..womp..womp…” I’m a story teller, I know how to write a well layered joke.

Anywho, I’ve gotten over myself for the time being and I’m going to make sure I get on the scene this week. I have a voice, people need to hear it.

I’ve got something to say damnit!

Stay tuned buttercup!


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