I’m Raw Dogging it!

Okay so boom…I’m about to do a thing. So while I was going back and forth about a plant based diet and doing the South Beach diet – which is a diet I’ve lost 65lbs on, I said to myself, “Damn, I just want to eat some fruits and vegetables.” (I know that was a hella long ass run-on sentence but whatevs.) Anyway, on the South Beach diet you can only have 12 grams of carbs a day. The rest of the time you’re eating meat, vegetables and cheese. I tried to stay on it but then all of these vegan/plant based posts would pop on my Instagram feed. They looked so delicious and yummy and the vegans looked so happy and whatnot. Then somehow I’d find my ass at the grocery store buying pineapples. Sigh…my impulse control is ass. One week, a viral video of an adorable little baby eating the shit out of a chicken wing had me in a chokehold. Every time I saw that video, I wanted some Popeyes…and some days I went and got it.

Anyway, I realized, I love fruit! Well, and chicken too…and a bunch of other shit…so the South Beach diet wasn’t really gonna work for me this time around. Now the problem with the whole plant based thing is doing it in a way that it’s interesting (I like my food with a side of razzle dazzle), delicious, low cal. There’s definitely mad chubby ass vegans out there. The majority of the cookbooks I bought consisted of frying, heavy flouring, or both. Now that’s probably my fault for buying cookbooks from authors that have coined themselves “The Fat Vegan” or “Chubby Alkaline”. I should’ve known that the recipes would be high in calories. I want to eat healthy AND lose weight…but not in a boring ass way. I mean, what health benefits do mushrooms have if you dip them in batter and deep fry them?

So I asked myself, how can I do this in the most optimal way possible? I was looking for a program. Something whole food and plant based. Like something I can strictly follow. Remember, I’m a bad ass kid. If I don’t have structure, I’m doing me to the 25th power! I’d been searching Instagram hashtags, online, books. Somehow, I remembered seeing this program, Dherbs. It may have popped up in one of the weight loss groups I’m following or a Facebook ad. I checked it out and I bought it! It’s a program where you basically take a bunch of herbs and eat a RAW diet for 21 days. A raw diet is where you don’t eat anything cooked above 180 degrees. Learn more about a Raw diet here. I’ve been wanting to try a raw diet for a while so I’m actually really excited to try this. I also bought this book to help me figure out what to eat. That’s another issue I had trying to go plant based. What the hell do I eat!? The program tells me what times to eat. The book tells me what to eat. Both the program and the book have me eating 6 times a day so I should be good. I’d have to be on some super duper bullshit to fuck this up. I literally have no excuses but piss poor discipline. Like seriously! Anyway, I’m tryna step into some awesomeness. IT. IS. TIME. I can’t wait for my herbs to get here and to get started!

That’s my update for now! Hopefully, by next week, my herbs will have gotten here and I can update you on my progress.


Cute baby eating chicken!

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