It’s Been a While…

So…um yeah… I thought that once I left Philly it’d be like someone waved a magic wand. I thought I’d automatically be on my shit! I’d be consistent with blogging, I’d all of a sudden fall in love with exercise, I’d go hard with stand up and I’d be writing my ass off! Let me tell you, fuckery has me in an extreme chokehold. Fuckery as I like to call it, is that thing that keeps me in my own way. Literally, no one or nothing is blocking my ascension to greatness but me. I thought a new city would shake shit up BUT as my mother says, you take YOU wherever you go.

Anyway, I plan on dipping out to London in December. I’m hoping to get my shit together before I go. As the President of Block Your Blessings, Inc. it is my personal and professional opinion that getting out of one’s way is literally THE hardest and THE easiest thing to do. Shamfuckingwow!

Now I’m planning my little excursion. I’m praying that it’ll be just what I need to get my mojo back! Just to be clear, I’m not depressed but I do find myself sliding back into a rut if I don’t quit be on some bullshit. One thing I realized, it’s important as FUCK to have positive coping mechanisms. Coping with stress, boredom, restlessness, all that shit because if you’re not careful, you’re going to find yourself tryna climb up a hill to get your shit together! I’ve been climbing for six year now. I’se tiiiiiiiired! Lawd!

Ughhh…please pray for my ass!

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