It’s Carmen Sandiego

Hey Nakkers!

I’m in Chicago! I decided to delay my trip across the pond and stay stateside a little bit longer. Whew! After bouncing from Philly, I went to my hometown, Cleveland. I stayed there probably a month too long but it was great to catch up with family and friends. Just an FYI, in Cleveland, it snows every-fucking-day in the month of January. Like…..why do people live there? It’s dead ass the Bermuda Triangle. I realize that now. People would always look at me like I was a unicorn or something whenever I said I was from there. Like they know Cleveland is a real city, and that people live there but it was wild to actually meet someone from there. You know what else is crazy? When I announced to friends and family that I was temporarily relocating to Chicago for a few months, I was met with so much contention! What’s even wilder is that a lot of the folks that were trying to talk me out of going, have never even been Chicago!

I get it though. Chicago gets a bad rap…but the thing is, I’ve been living in Kill-a-delphia for the past 18 years so…I feel like I’ll be good….(Pray for a nigga)

Anywho, Since I was already in the Midwest I decided, ‘hey, why not Chicago!?’ I am excited! They have an awesome comedy scene that I’ve heard nothing but great things about and I need to get back into the gym! I haven’t been on stage since May…MAY!!!!!!!! Got my ass out here looking like this shit is my hobby not my DREAM!

Again, now that I’m out of HELL and purgatory (4 months in the Bermuda triangle def felt like purgatory – ain’t SHIT to do in Cleveland but live), I’ve been focusing on creating GOOD habits. In the words of the great Paul Wall “…achieve whatever you desire as long as you task it. Success starts with small habits.” One of those habits will be writing everyday, whether it’s a blog post, screen writing, joke writing, or book writing, my ass is going to make sure I write something!

I’ve also been trying to create better eating and exercise habits but I’m not going to talk to you about that now…cuz I know y’all tired of hearing that shit. I’m just gonna pop out in a size 12 with my titties out….then you’ll know I’ve been doing what I said I was going to do.

Anyway…this is probably the first January in many Januarys where I wasn’t MISERABLE AS FUCK! January is typically the month I hate the most. It’s usually cold, dreary and feels like it has 1000 days. But this year, aside from the nut ass Cleveland snow, I WASN’T miserable. Not only was it tolerable but I spent the month hella hopeful and excited about my move to Chi town!

It’s the improvement in my mental health for meeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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