Procrastinating Ain’t Sh*t

So…no podcast this week! My Producer is a jet setting, ultra fab chick that vacations often and I am an ill prepared, procrastinating Queen! Put those two together and you don’t have back up episodes for when folks go on vacation. Sham-wow!…So, I’m still riding high off of my mention in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Well not high, HIGH, but it got me to thinking, “Hey, You need to write more!” So I’m going to look into some guest writing opportunities.

I started my raw diet yesterday. Whew! That shit was hard! I woke wanting cheese nachos…then vegan buffalo wings…then wine…I haven’t even drank wine in damn near like 2 years but I wanted that shit last night…I wanted it all! But I hunkered down and kept my ass out of trouble! I am PROUD of myself! Now, yesterday, again, because I’m a procrastinator, I couldn’t eat the fancy-smancy meal plan that I was start because my ass waited until the last minute to go to the grocery store just to notice my tire was low and needed air. Last time I tried to add air to my tire I think I let air OUT of my tire so I decided to wait to go to Jiffy Lube and now here we are…so I’ve been rocking with smoothies and raw veggies but I’m going to take my ass to the store so I can get my plate popping!

Anyway, here’s my obligatory blog post in place of my podcast. Didn’t really have much to say BUT don’t be a procrastinator like me! I spend more time tryna catch up than doing the thing I should’ve done in the first place! That my friend, is called being ass backwards. Don’t reverse cowgirl life, ok!?

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