The Hill to Climb

Do y’all watch Stranger Things? If you do…or if you frequent social media, you’ll hear audio from THIS SONG.

Anyway, she’s talking about trading places and living her best life. I lowkey feel kinda stuck-ish. I’m a bit more guided than our last convo but FUCK! I kinda wanted this blog to be a weight loss jawn (Jawn is a Philly word that replaces nouns and expects you to pick up context clues) but there’s so much to discuss!

Last week, I wanted to talk about Cancel culture and how entitled it was. You mean to tell me that you feel so empowered and entitled that if I say some shit you don’t like, you get to say I don’t exist? THE Audacity! But then I got caught up in things AND (because y’all don’t comment on shit or let me know you’re engaged) I was all, “well they’re not gonna care about my opinion on shit anyways”.

Anywho… SINCE I’m just going to get this shit out of my head regardless, let’s chat about it. It is what it is. One thing that’s super prevalent in my stratosphere right now is self sabotage. I can’t be the only one. That fear of success is a big one. It manifests itself in many ways, most notably, me not doing things that I said I would do. Whoooooo, new levels new devils, and I’m kind of scared of that…


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