The Shy-Town

What up Nakkers!! I gotta start posting on the same day of the week like I said I would, regardless, here’s an update! So I’m digging Chicago! Everyone I’ve met is nice, I mean nice-nice, like…Mr. Rogers nice!! Coming from cold, mean ass Philadelphia, it’s been a culture shock, a very pleasant surprise quite honestly. Like, niggas have even opened doors for me and shit! Like….what?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I ask a question, people are like…helpful…! I low key feel like I’m in Narnia or something, like why is everyone so nice?! Or….why is everyone in Philly so mean….?

Anyway, I’ve been going to open mics and doing the things! This time difference has been kicking my ass a bit which is why I’m late posting and update but here I is…Cleopatra, comin’ at ya! (Ok that was corny) I did a mic on Wednesday…given that I haven’t really done a show SHOW since April 2022, ya girl was a little rusty and this mic on Wednesday was a showcase mic.

So an open mic is where we comics test our new material. Usually the audience members consist of other comics waiting to go up. It’s totally ok and expected to bomb on these mics by the way. This is how we gauge how funny our jokes are before we debut them on people that actually paid to see us. Also, its a great way to practice speaking on stage. It’s where we hone our craft. A show case mic is different. That ain’t the time or place to test out shit. I learned that the hard way at a show in Brooklyn. A showcase mic is a show with real audience, you just get the opportunity to sign up and be on the show as opposed to getting booked.

Anywho…I did WELL (just okay by my standards) but I need to be doing great!!! I flubbed some words and got a a little thrown off by a heckler that yelled out “I don’t hear no New York accent!” Nigga they said I was from Philly, not New York, that’s why I don’t have a fucking New York accent! That’s what my ass gets though! I should’ve practiced my set a few times in my apartment before I even hit the stage. That’s something that I used to do when I was on my deen (Philly speak for going hard) One thing that stood out to me though, they were bashful as fuck when I was telling my sex jokes…oh this was a black audience too. I almost left that out. Black audiences are THE hardest niggas to make laugh. Some black comics that can do white rooms/mainstream rooms don’t do black rooms because black audiences can be very intimidating. I think it’s because most black people are hilarious so it’s like, if you’re getting on stage, nigga you better be funny. And baby, unlike white folk who will let you perform even if you’re not funny, black folk will let you know your ass ain’t funny. So, given that my sex jokes weren’t hittin’ like they usually do, and again this is a black room, this is going to be a challenge…and guess what, I’m HERE for it. This is why I’m here. To get stronger. Can’t become a beast if you’re never challenged…and by the end of the year, I plan to be MONSTROUS, a straight savage on stage! I’m going to bring my ass to that room every Wednesday until I leave Chicago and MAKE them love me. This was the push I needed to keep that pen, penning! I’m excited! I am doing the things!

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