Again with tha shits!

My bad, this tv pilot is still kicking my ass! I’m trying to hurry up and get it done because I had a one on one with a showrunner and he offered to have someone from his team read it and then give me advice on next steps….and that was in March so I gotta haul ass before my window of opportunity closes! I’m literally IN LOVE with what I’m writing. Like, I would literally watch it! I’m obsessed with crime thrillers…so I’ve been writing crime thrillers that are really funny. I guess that’s characterized as ‘dark comedy’.

Anyway, I’m holding steady at that 10lb weight loss. Haven’t gained it back so that’s great! I’m starting Splendid Spoon tomorrow so I’m excited! I hope that this will help me stick to this damn diet! Again, my birthday is in August and I’m not bringing another year as a BBW! Fuck that! It’s been a long miserable 6 fat ass years! (Please note that my misery wasn’t just about my weight – there was a whole cluster-fuck-of-shit that contributed to the madness) Anyway, I’m done with this shit!

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