Diced Pineapples

Shorty so fine, pussy so fresh
Diced pineapples, yeah my baby tastes the best…

So…I’ve been cheating on my diet like a HOE! That’s literally why I’m writing this blog so I can hold myself accountable. This morning, I woke up with intentions on being a better bitch. Even had the nerve to put my FitBit on. Went on Instagram, saw a baby on my Explore page eating a big ass slice of pizza and thought, “Hmmm, I want pizza!”…and then went and picked up 2 slices of pepperoni pizza! What in the actual fuck is wrong with me!? I’m like a bad ass kid. I keep getting bored with my diet. I lost 65lbs before using the South Beach diet which is basically low carb, high protein. I know what works, I just don’t want to do it. With that being said, I didn’t do any plant based shit at all this week BUT I’m still going to post something plant based related cuz I gotta put y’all on to something.

Pineapples…Now I’ve BEEN hip to the power of pineapples and how they make your punani smell SWEET and TASTE sweet but not everyone can eat pineapple, especially if you’re supposed to be on a low carb diet like me. So a couple of years back I “discovered” pineapple TEA! When I tell y’all, this is a staple in my house. Now I collect tea, like I easily have over 20+ different types of tea in my cupboard. Everything from green tea to artichoke tea. I fascinated by the healing properties of teas, so when I come across a type of tea I’ve never seen, I usually buy it. I came across a pineapple tea and BABY, I love it. I’ve put my friends on to it and now I’m putting YOU on to it. Not only does it have you’re coochie smelling like a tropical vacation but it’s also a diuretic so it’ll help shed some pounds. NOW, you’ll want to get regular, smegular, pineapple. Don’t get any pineapple tea that’s labeled “Diet tea”. It’s probably mixed with senna for the sole purpose and making you poo. This is the brand I love (click here). Also, you can read up on the other benefits of pineapple tea HERE. Anyway, go get you or your lady some pineapple tea! Let me know what you think!

Sidenote, why the hell did Putin wake up wanting all the smoke? I can’t believe countries really out here tryna go war. It’s 2022, relax! I don’t know why but the concept of war seems so archaic to me. Like, that’s what people did back in the day. I thought everyone was just chilling now. Guess not! Everybody just needs to eat a Snickers and chill TF out!

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