Did you miss me?

Hey ya’ll! I’ve been slacking on updating. I’m currently re-writing a television pilot and that has consumed my time. Every time I touch my computer, I’m writing and re-writing scenes for my pilot. Writing pilots is hard as shit FYI. You have to build characters, a whole world AND write something so dope that whoever is going to buy whatever you’re trying to sell, can see themselves making 100 episodes of your show…Although, given today’s tv landscape, more like 50 episodes – 5 seasons, 10 episodes a season. Do ya’ll remember when we would get 26 episodes or more a season of shows? Now we get 10 episodes, 13 if we’re lucky…but after getting into screenwriting, I see why! Sheesh!! After I’m done with this, I’m going to start writing features (movies). I think I would do well with those. Anyway, I’m in LOVE with what I’m writing and I can’t wait to finish and get it out there. I think this might be the one.

I really need a damn regimen. You ever have sooooooooooo much time on your hands you don’t know what to do with yourself? Or, you have so much you’re trying to do that you can’t focus on anything. Given the copious amounts of time that I have at my disposal AND all of the things I want to do, you’d think that this would be a good problem. I need to treat my day like I’m a kid in school. This hour I do this, this hour I do that…

Anyway, I’m down 10lbs! I still have a lot to lose BUT we’re progressing! I know I was talking all that shit about seeing the raw cleanse through but um….yeah…that jawn was hard as hell! Not to say that I can’t do it, but I couldn’t do it THIS time around. I’m starting Splendid Spoon this week and I’ve decided I’m going to rock out with that for the month of May. Sidenote – I just took a bite out of Popeye’s biscuit from last night and started choking. Like literally, low-key, my life just flashed before my eyes. I thought I was about to be a gonner! Anyway, I’m going vegan for the next 30 days – like for real this time….and starting tomorrow cuz I def just ate a left over piece of chicken….but yeah…progress!

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