Doing the THINGS!

Nakkers! What’s up!! I missed posting yesterday but here I am! So I know last week I was all woe is me BUT THIS week, THIS WEEKKKK, THIS WEEKKKKKKKK…I’m on my shit! So what had happened was….I got my ass kicked by my trainer last Wednesday. She had me do this super hard exercise that I felt was impossible – she made me do 4 reps of this impossible exercise. Basically, I had to do a squat while holding a wheel weight, turning it left to right while keeping my arms straight for 30 seconds straight. Whew!!! First rep, I could literally feel my heart popping out my chest. While lamenting this to her while trying to get out of the rest of my reps, she simply replied “That’s good!”. I noticed something though, by the last rep it was way easier and I was proud of myself that I was able to get through it. Afterwards, I remember walking through the grocery store, drenched in sweat, on my typical trip to engage in fuckery and I thought to myself, “Why are you doing this?!” I just worked my ass off just to ruin all of my progress being on that bullshit!

The next day, I just kept reminiscing on how proud I felt that I was able to complete that exercise and get through my session. So much so, I’ve decided that I’m going to DO this. Like, go HARD. I’ve been to gym damn near everyday since. I’ve been sticking to my diet, calorie allowance and now I’m down 7lbs and almost 3 inches off of my waist. Like….I’m starting to see my chin….I love that for me me! Ha!!!

In other news, I’m getting ready to jet off to London the first week of December. I’m nervous as FUCK! Especially since I’m going over there and I don’t really know anyone. My family is a little concerned but hey, I survived living in Philly, aka Gotham city, drunk, roaming the streets of West Philly at 3 in the morning…(mostly in my 20s)… I feel like I’ll be alright. I just keep telling myself, if it’s meant to be, God’s going to make it happen. I mean, he/universe definitely put obstacles in my way when it came to moving to NYC, seems as though I have the go ahead to cross the pond!

Anyway, I am DOING THE THINGS!!!!!! I am so proud of my progress!

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