Fitness is my Passion

Bah…..not really but I know you’re not going to believe this…and I can’t believe it either…but I’ve become somewhat of a gym rat.

I’m still in Chicago. I really like it! I am pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone is. Like…Mr. Rogers nice!! It’s quite shocking! I’m just think about all the people in Cleveland that tried to talk me out of visiting Chicago, only for me really, really, like it here!

It’s weird because per the media, you would think that Chicago was the worst place on earth, riddled with violence and fuckery so much so that there were discussions about bringing in the National Guard. Anywho, I’m thankful that that hasn’t been my experience thus far. I will say though that I’m tucked away in the suburbs…not too far out though…I just need to be close to my gym. Chicago is HUGE and the traffic is crazy…I’m saving a rant about Chicago drivers for the stage…so it was important for me to stay as close as possible to my gym so that my black ass goes.

So yeah…I found a gym that I’ve fallen in LOVE with!!! I’ve been killing my exercise goals with water aerobics. Me and the elderly jawns be gettin’ it in. I’ve decided that while in Chicago, I have two goals. Weight loss and getting my ass back on stage! Weight loss being my primary goal. I’m tryna be summertime fine!

Oh…and if you’ve been reading this, I know I mentioned I had something dope in the works, that unfortunately was put on hold and completely out of control. Because of this and some bullshit that just popped up (niggas hating on my ascension – no pun intended for this Easter post) I don’t know how long I’m going to be tucked away in Chicago. I planned on leaving around June but I might have to stay until July. I get the chance to study at Second City so that might not be too bad, plus I heard Chicago is amazing in the summer so we shall see!

Either way it goes, I am happy as hell I left Philly. It’s feeling like Chicago was just the change of scenery I needed. I am DOING THE THINGS!!!! I no longer feel like a hamster in a wheel. I feel HOPEFUL. I haven’t felt this excited about the “future” in a while. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel now I’ve got tunnel vision. Shabooya!! I do need to hustle a little more with the standup. I’ve been writing but I haven’t been performing. I’ve been dragging my feet a little, not taking advantage of being somewhere with a good ass comedy scene. I think it’s been a mixture of shyness and getting back into the swing of things…but I gotta get over myself. My goal this week is to hit up at least 3 stages.

Anywho, I can’t wait to lose this weight and have my titties out! I’m waiting with baited breath. I can’t wait to buy new clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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