Hey, Honeybun –

Hey Friends, Foes and Hoes! How y’all doing!?

Well, I’m doing mighty swell. I’m planning a big move and have a big day tomorrow – I won’t share right this second because I don’t want to jinx THE THINGS…but things are thing-ing.

So I had a little shake-up that made me make a move and now things are moving…again, hush, hush and low key for now BUT it reminded me of something a personal trainer told me while I spent four months in Cleveland. “You can’t grow if your comfortable.” I was MAD comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Like I didn’t like exercising and putting myself out there, but I was super cool with just “existing”. That was the uncomfortable part. Now it seems as though God or for y’all (I’m spiritual but not religious folk), the Universe is Shaking the table! (In my K. Michelle voice) They are ready for my ass to do THE THINGS!

Anyway homeslices, I’ve extended my trip to Chi-town for another month – this is mostly due to DRAMA, but I can’t speak on this at the moment…BUT now I can take some classes at Second City. For those that don’t know, Second City is the pipeline to SNL. I’m not expecting anything major, but I’m excited to get to know more people and make friends/acquaintances for sure!

Will say though, I like Chicago! So many nice people. Like….I’m walking by you in a hallway, I’m going to stop, acknowledge you and say “hello and smile” kinda people.

It’s refreshing. It reminds of the Bermuda Triangle, AKA Cleveland.


-Tiff Money!

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