May all of your ups and downs be in the bedroom. Join stand-up comedian Tiff Money as she talks about life, love and everything in between. From sex to depression, she's got you covered.

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How to Handle Rejection

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The girl who won't shut up

Hey You, I'm Tiffany

Thanks for visiting my blog! A little about me, I’m a stand-up comedian, and an emerging screenwriter and author; and now I’m adding podcaster and blogging to the list. (I have no kids or a man so I’m dead ass trying to keep myself as busy as possible to keep from crying) I also moonlight as a sophista-rachet Corporate Professional.

Anyway, I plan on chit-chatting about any and everything so bear with me (Is it bare or bear? – Google has not been helpful) and enjoy the ride. Here’s to being my Internet homie.  Cheers!


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