How to Handle Rejection

When was the last time you experience rejection and how did you handle it?

…I remember I was dating this guy and unbeknownst to me, he was screwing someone we were both working with. When I found out, that shit really hurt my feelings especially since he decided to continue a relationship with the woman. I cried over that shit, like, I really cried about that shit…and Tiff Money before the therapy was a thug. I didn’t cry about anything. I’ve been through some things, and by that time in my life, I didn’t have anymore tears to give. Just couldn’t be bothered… but this shit made me cry. And a friend of mind gave me the best advice and use it to this day when I experience rejection she said – “Build a bridge and get over it. He wasn’t for you. You weren’t for him. Move on.” and I did.

Let’s Talk About It!

Here’s an article I found on how to handle rejection. Check it out! How to Handle Rejection

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