Bruh…I am over-the fuck-whelmed! I’m giving up my apartment TOMORROW to go chill in London for the next 3-6 months. I am freaking out! While I think this actually may be just what I need, I ain’t gonna lie, I’m shooketh. I’ve been SO comfortable for the last 6 years (well, comfortable as in doing the same damn thing everyday – I’ve actually been quite miserable up until last November) ANYWAY, the only cities that I’ve been to outside of the US are Mexico and Toronto and that was only for a couple of days…but London!?! That’s a big deal! At least for me it is…and I’m going by my black ass self.

I spoke with my little sister about my reservations, she’s a self proclaimed prophet, and she says if for whatever reason, it’s on my heart to move to London, then that’s where I need to be. Again, every time I try to move to NYC, it’s some bullshit so now I’m pivoting. This also has me nervous as hell to give up my apartment because up until recently, I forgot about the other time I was going to move to Easton, PA to be closer to my job….y’all, I found an apartment, did the paperwork, planned the movers, was about to haul ass and right before I was about to bounce, the apartment company called and said I didn’t qualify. I think it was because of some random college debt not related to my student loans, something hella petty and I had to beg for my apartment back. I don’t know what kind of magnetic pull me and Philly have going on this universe, but it’s time we part ways. For whatever reason (there are actually several) I feel like there’s is nothing else to get out of this city. I’m tapped out.

My sister has been saying for a good 5 or 6 years that THIS is supposed to be my year. She got one of her “visions”. Something monumentally good is supposed to happen. Something that will put me on to the trajectory of awesomeness. She actually had been saying that last year was supposed to be the year but I guess that the pandemic pushed the dope shit that’s supposed to happen to me, a year out. We shall see.

Either way, I’m not going to be a pussy tomorrow. Despite how overwhelmed I’m feeling and ALL of the shit that I need to do to 1. Move and 2. Move my ass across the pond for the next 6 months (if I don’t like it after 3 months, I’m dipping to Mexico).

Whew! September is going to be stressful. Side note – like half the light bulbs went out in my apartment, like I have enough light in here and all, but am I petty to just keep it pushing and not replace the bulbs because I’m leaving in a month?


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