Plant Based P*ssy

Ya’ll, I just put my underwear on…these jawns are snug as fuck! Snug as a bug in a rug. I refuse to buy bigger drawls! I REFUSE! Like they’re dead ass suffocating my coochie right night and at some point they’re probably going to split in half at the back and my whole asshole will be out BUT, I AM NOT buying big ass parachute drawls. I have GOT to lose this damn weight!

Now, I’ve been trying to stick to a plant based diet because I heard there’s tons of benefits to eating plant based, weight loss being one of them. Unfortunately, every time I start, I stop. It’s a combination of I don’t know what to eat and I don’t feel like cooking that shit. It gets me every time! I also know that I’m not the only one that wants to transition to a plant based lifestyle even if it’s only for a few meals a week. SO…to keep myself accountable AND to avoid having to buy big ass granny panties, I’m starting a series called “Plant Based P*ssy”. It’s where all plant based stuff will live while I try to my darndest to get on this plant based diet popping.

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