Raw Update + Some other shit

Hello, hello!

So I’m four days into my little raw cleanse. I’m managing. I’m losing weight too. So far, down 3lbs. I haven’t exercised, been too busy just tryna stick to it. BUT, I’m going to start that up again and make it a habit. Again, I’m reinventing myself and time-is-a-ticking. My birthday is in August and I am NOT tryna ring in another year as a BBW! It’s more than 4 months away, I can lose about 40lbs by then…and I will! I’m determined. I am soooooooo ready to live my best life, not saying that I can’t as is, but, like we talked about last week, THIS is not the vision that I have for MYself.

Off topic, I’ve just binged this show Yellowstone, which has led me to start watching its prequel, 1883. Basically both shows are about cowboys, etc…Man! Could you imagine living back in the day? (Slavery aside) Whew! I’m so glad my lazy ass was born when I was. I mean, people really had to show up for life! Everything they did required effort. Even drinking water…they had to boil that first. Before that, they needed to find firewood to boil the water… Hand washing clothes, hunting for food, not to mention it’s HOT! Oh, and could you imagine winter!?! I get pissy when it’s cold out and a gust of cold wind blows across my face as I’m walking to my car that’s probably less than 50 ft from my door. I couldn’t imagine just being cold ALL the time just cuz it’s winter. Damn that! It’s only so much a damn fire can do. I remember my dad forgot to pay the electricity bill (one of a few times – he’s horrible with money, that’s why my mother left him). We had to light candles and boil water to wash up. (We had a fireplace but those bougie niggas didn’t really know how to light it and whatnot.) I slept in a couple of outfits and my down jacket. That shit was horrible and flat out fucking miserable! I couldn’t imagine having to do that 6 months out of the year. *I should note that that experience only lasted a couple of days.

Anyway, I really like Yellowstone and I’m just getting into 1883. It’s a little slower than Yellowstone. Yellowstone, white folks start tripping out the gate. 1883 seems more so about the journey to get to the land that created Yellowstone so it’s a little bit slower…I like my drama, drama-ing, you feel me? I think what I like most about Yellowstone outside of the great writing and awesome characters is that all of the characters show up for life. They are dedicated. They are passionate. They find a way and don’t fuck around about the shit that they hold dear. I fucks with that! I’m tryna be on that type time with my dreams. By any means necessary…(well, you know, whatever’s not going to compromise my integrity – I ain’t sucking dick for stage time)

Ok friends, homies, and Nakkers, that’s my obligatory update. I hope you’re doing well and living your best life, at the very least, working towards it. I can’t wait to tell you how many pounds I lost next week!


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