Hey Y’all! So an awesome thing happened today. I was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer! Say what!?! We going up…on what?…a Tuesday! Yay! I was asked about my opinion on the infamous “slap” heard ’round the world…like literally, I asked my Dev team in India if they heard about it and they said “yes, it’s the talk of the town.” Whoo chile! So much to unpack. I kinda feel like that slap was more than a “fuck you Chris Rock” and more of a “let this be a warning to all y’all…” Low key, I think Will is going through some thangs and because of who he is, he can’t just express himself. Just because you have money, it ain’t all Krispy Kremes and sunshine. There’s a pent up aggression element here. If you’ve been listening to my podcast, you know I’ve been going hard on the therapy and I’m all “zen” now but I can definitely empathize with Will… but I also don’t think Chris was wrong. Honestly, I didn’t know Jada was suffering from alopecia. Her face is absolutely stunning, I just thought it was a “look”…and Chris might have as well…bottom line, he wasn’t EGREGIOUS, BUT but it seemed like everyone else was in past interviews (after that Entanglement shit) that might have led up to the slap…that’s not Chris Rock’s burden to bear..(again, is it “bear” or “bare” because Google has gotten so rachet?) FYI, I kinda feel like G.I. Jane put Demi on the map. Anywho, let’s all be “zen”, and let’s keep our hands to ourselves.

Here’s my moment in the sun. Click on this link and “see ME” (insert smiley face emoji).

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