Splendid Spoon Review

What up Nakkers! So……me and Splendid Spoon ain’t workout. First of all, I bought to much food. There’s shit in my freezer, taking up my refrigerator. So…Many…Bowls! I was on a weekly 5 smoothies, 5 soups, 5 hearty grain/soup bowls, and 5 light soups plan. While the food delivery thing is convenient as fuck, I wasn’t really pleased with the options. For one, I needed to season everything on my own because it was so bland. Then, a few of the bowls, I didn’t like at all! I just tossed them. The smoothies were a hit and miss. I didn’t think you could fuck up a smoothie but…one smoothie, the texture was similar to vomit. It was even the putrid pink color of vomit as well. I mind fucked myself out of drinking. Like two sips, I had to dip. Anyway, I still have MAD bowls to get through in the fridge and like 10 more taking up space in my freezer! Again, so…many…bowls! I think I would’ve liked it better if they included an actual meal. I just felt like I was eating bowls on top of bowls. Like a smoothie, soup, salad, entrée jawn would’ve been decent!

Homies, I just don’t know. This plant based pussy bout to be a vegetarian vagina cuz I’m definitely about to just rock out with some avocado toast and eggs…pescatarian pussy? Cuz I feel like adding some fish to my diet too…I don’t know, I just don’t know!! Wild how something 100% within my control has such a hold over me. I’ve been fat for like 7 years. 7 years!!! Something’s gotta give! I need to find a groove! There’s literally 3 months until my birthday. I have GOT to get it together!

Pray for me ya’ll!

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