The Rent is too Damn High!

Hey there, I know I missed a week. It is what is. I wanted to come on here and talk to y’all about how I want to be a rapper now BUT my mom was visiting and I got lazy/distracted. Being as though I need to get the fuck out of Philly, she was helping me de-clutter the hell out of my apartment which greatly needed! Whooooo talk about over-whelmed! I have a huge issue with throwing things away and I buy a lot of shit. Like I literally have 2 of everything. Like I’ll buy one thing, then it breaks, stops working or I decided, “Hey, I want a better version of this.” and end up with a bunch of shit. Anywho, I’ve been hauling all of that shit to the Good Will in preparation of my move.

Anyway, if you’ve been reading this then you know I’ve been trying to move to NYC. Ya’ll, why the fuck is it so expensive to move to NYC?! That shit is ridiculous! I was looking at an apartment in May – it was in a building so I knew another would pop up when I was ready to move. Now in May, it was listed at $3,000 a month. It’s a beautiful apartment and checked off every box on my list. You see, part of the reason that it’s taken me so long to move to NYC is because I live like a QUEEN in Philly. That’s why my ass is fat. I’m comfortable as hell and I eat good. I want for nothing – except to get the fuck up outta here…and my apartment…I love my apartment! Tons of storage space, a large bathroom with a long vanity, washer and dryer in my unit, dishwasher and an abundance of parking spaces. You’d think that that would be pretty standard across the board for most apartments right? …but not in motherfucking New York!

The spot I found in May, I was determined to make it happen. I’ve been making bold moves to get my bag nice and healthy so that I can move there without being stressed out, budgeting hella crazy…How about I went back to the building’s listings and the same ass 1 bedroom apartment is now $6800 a month! What in the actual fuck is going on in NYC?! So now I’m butt hurt. I refuse to pay over $3000 a month for rent. Fuck that! AND I’M NOT living anywhere where I gotta drag my dirty drawls down the street to a freaking laundromat! All I want is to live somewhere with decent closet space, a washer and dryer in the unit, my bathroom NOT to be in my bedroom and my kitchen not to be all up on my sofa for a reasonable amount of money. Is that too much to fucking ask?! Arghhhhhhhhhh!

Being single is a drag. I need some help! Don’t tell me I gotta be a hostage in a relationship like the rest of y’all, ignoring the toxicity, putting up with the bullshit just so I can get someone to split the rent with me.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

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